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About us


The absolute definitive guide to the best tools to get the job done. This website serves as a comprehensive guide to the absolute best tools available on the market. Whether it’s for your automotive, home or work, the job is only as easy as the tools you have. Compiled are the best air, power, hand and construction tools to make your job easy.

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Air Tools

Air tools are designed to be easy to use and provide the force required to complete the job with less difficulty than traditional tools. Knowing which ones to use are key to having a lasting tool set in the garage or at home. OnlyNiceTools provides the best selection of air tools on the market that have the best bang for the buck.

Power Tools

Power Tools usually take the most damage and require the most work out of the tool, so we at OnlyNiceTools have hand picked the best power tools available on a budget with quality and safety in mind. While shopping, consider getting some safety equipment as well to get the job done.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are essential to any tool kit when it just isn’t possible to use power tools. These tools offer versatility and hands-on accuracy while maintaining the longevity required to be effective and lasting parts of anyone’s home or garage.


Construction demands heavy-duty, long lasting tools that can withstand intense use and keep the job going. Deadlines are important to any contractor and having bad tools means having to slow down- not with OnlyNiceTools products, which have been chosen for their proven effectiveness in the workplace.

Automotive Tools

Automotive tools are key to success when working on your vehicle. Cheaper tools work only once but the following tools presented are what we at OnlyNiceTools have found to be the most effective companions to working in the garage.

Lawn and Garden

The most important aspects of having an excellent lawn and garden are being prepared and having the best tools for the job. These tools below provide safety, longevity and ease of use when working on your lawn or garden.

Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes need to be rugged, versatile and provide the best organization to be effective parts of anyone’s arsenal. The tool boxes below serve as the best way to organize, store, and collect tools to further your home and vehicle needs.


When working in your home or garage, seeing is believing. Being able to see your work sufficiently means getting the job done more accurately and quickly. The lighting tools below are featured for their effectiveness in the work place, versatility in getting into those hard-to-reach places and providing illumination to shed light on the job.